upcoming workshop: Climate Action in the Capital Region: 2019 ReCAP

December 16th 2019 | 12:30 PM – 4:00 PM

The Capital Region Climate Readiness Collaborative (CRC) invites leading climate practitioners, state agencies, local jurisdictions, and community leaders to CRC’s last workshop of 2019, taking place on December 16th at the Sacramento County Primary Care Center. This workshop will feature presentations on the American River Basin Study, forest resilience bonds, and the Sacramento and West Sacramento Mayors’ Commission on Climate Change. The meeting will also feature a panel discussion on maintaining resilience during Public Safety Power Shutoffs. A limited number of interested participants will also have the opportunity to present during the Lightning Round Presentations. If you are interested in presenting, please fill out a request form by November 22nd.

Past Events


Public Participation: Effective Climate Communication

September 2019
The Capital Climate Readiness Collaborative (CRC) and ecoAmerica’s Path to Positive Communities program hosted an interactive webinar on how to effectively engage constituents on climate change. ecoAmerica shared their latest survey data on American awareness and attitudes on climate change and solutions, which showed that the vast majority of Americans support climate action. But the key to engaging constituents in support–and in their own action and advocacy–is helping them break through motivated avoidance, and communicating about the issue in a personally-relevant manner. This includes connecting climate and health outcomes, for instance, which has proven to motivate Americans to action. ecoAmerica shared the latest research-based guidance on communicating effectively on climate and their latest resources, such as the new Path to Positive toolkit, which includes “Let’s Talk Climate,” “Moving Forward on Climate and Communities,” Mental Health and Climate, a starter checklist on climate solutions, and many more. Special focus was given to solutions around resilience and adaptation.

CRC Workshop: All-Members Forum

September 2019

The Capital Region Climate Readiness Collaborative (CRC) invited members to our 2019 Annual Members Forum, which featured presentations and group discussions on the state of climate adaptation in the Capital Region, including opportunities for collaboration and synergy across sectors and jurisdictions, as well as a discussion of how CRC can support future opportunities and project concepts to bring additional capacity to our region.

Public Participation: How to Authentically Engage Communities

August 2019
The Capital Region Climate Readiness Collaborative (CRC) and the Institute for Local Government (ILG) hosted an interactive webinar on effective public participation. This webinar provided an opportunity for local agencies, nonprofits, and climate professionals to learn about authentic community engagement – specifically how to build community capacity, form lasting partnerships, cultivate community buy-in, and strengthen institutional trust in order to build and develop climate action. ILG also shared best practices that organizations need to know in order to build a strong foundation to foster effective, inclusive, and sustainable community engagement.

CRC Workshop: Managing Our Region’s Flood Risk

July 2019

On July 16th, CRC hosted a quarterly meeting focused on flood risk and resilience at the California Endowment Center in Downtown Sacramento. At this workshop, we featured presentations from new CRC members (WALKSacramento, Department of Water Resources, Sacramento-San joquin Delta Conservancy, and the Delta Stewardship Council). SAFCA also presented on the Capital Region’s flood risk and discussed current and ongoing efforts to increase our region’s prepardness and flood resiliency as a result of our changing climate and precipitation pattterns.  Tom Ghoring from the Sacramento Water Forum moderated a panel discussion on equitable flood infrastructure, investments, and emergency prepardness.

Adaptation Clearinghouse Spring Webinar Series: Capital Region

June 2019

The Capital Region Climate Readiness Collaborative and the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR) Integrated Climate Adaptation and Resilience Program (ICARP) hosted a webinar on the Adaptation Clearinghouse for the Capital Region as part of a state-wide series of regional webinars. This webinar provided an opportunity for local stakeholders to learn about the Adaptation Clearinghouse, regionally-relevant resources, and opportunities to integrate adaptation into other local planning efforts. If you’d like to provide recommendations on new resources and case studies to be featured on the Adaptation Clearinghouse, please visit: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/735XMS8

Sacramento Valley Regional Climate Symposium | California’s Fourth Assessment

February 2019

On February 6th, 2019, CRC hosted our first quarterly adaptation exchange in 2019 on California’s Fourth Assessment. At this workshop, we had an in-depth discussion focused on the Sacramento Valley Region Report, and provided an overview of the climate-related risks our region will face, and adaptation strategies to address the risks. The goal was to share out findings from the research, and discuss how we can build on these findings to ensure our region is resilient.

Symposium Tour

After a full day of discussing climate action, participants recharged with wine and hors d’oeuvres and viewed a science-to-action demonstration of climate resiliency at Indigo Architect’s ZNE building. CRC is proud of our members who take action in mitigating and adapting to our changing climate in their day-to-day operations and we were pleased to showcase these efforts with participants after the symposium.


2018 CRC Members Forum

September 2018

This meeting featured presentations and group discussions on the state of climate adaptation in the Capital Region, including regional initiatives, and climate action plans, as well a discussion of how CRC can support future opportunities and project concepts to bring additional funding investments and financing opportunities to our region.

CRC Adaptation Exchange: Air Quality, Transportation, and Heat

May 2018
Air Quality Resource Library

CRC Adaptation Exchange: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Climate Adaptation

March 2018

Additional resources

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