CRCRC Water Project Landscape Analysis

The Capital Region Climate Readiness Collaborative (CRCRC) is a multidisciplinary network of 47 members from diverse sectors including local and regional agencies, organizations, businesses and associations that work together to advance climate mitigation and adaptation efforts in their own communities and throughout California’s Capital Region.

This landscape analysis is meant to take stock of the ongoing water management and groundwater-related efforts and projects currently being planned and implemented throughout the Capital Region. This includes an overview of the priorities, ongoing projects, and recent challenges to practitioners in the field throughout 2022 going into 2023.

This analysis was put together through a series of interviews conducted with representatives of various organizations working on water policy throughout the Capital Region. The organizations included in this landscape analysis are not exhaustive of the work that’s happening in the Capital Region and the state as a whole. For readers not involved with water policy, this landscape analysis can serve as a window into the policy field. For those who work in water this report can, hopefully, provide an insight into what your peers have been hard at work on while potentially facilitating additional regional coordination around this work. The rivers and aquifers we rely on stretch across county and state lines, and through cross-sector collaboration we can preserve reliable, safe water for our communities.

If you have content or information that you believe should be included in this report or the accompanying tracker (downloadable as a pdf) please complete this Update Submission Form. This form provides the opportunity to suggest both edits to existing content of the landscape analysis as well as suggestions for entries from organizations currently unrepresented.

Luc Citroen and John Vandervort authored and conducted the research for this report.

This report was last updated on March 7th, 2024.