We invite you to learn about some of our past years’ accomplishments, and also encourage you to share your adaptation-related successes with us so we can celebrate our progress in building a resilient region.

Educating and Engaging the Region


  • Held three regional meetings in 2016 that brought together issue experts and guest speakers with CRC members and other interested stakeholders. Each meeting was themed around a key regional issue: responding to extreme flooding, creating a vision for resilient infrastructure, and extreme heat and the urban heat island. Our third regional meeting also featured a field trip to the UC Davis Pavement Research Center. Over 150 stakeholders participated in these meetings throughout the year. Sign up to learn about future meetings!
  • Hosted a discussion-based workshop as part of a 4th Assessment project to better understand the financial and organizational barriers that local governments in California face in implementing adaptation strategies.
  • In addition to providing advisory support, speaking at and attending the 2016 California Adaptation Forum in Long Beach, CRC provided 11 scholarships for key stakeholders from the Capital Region and beyond to attend this important statewide event.
  • Presented and participated in multiple regional and statewide events throughout the year, including the Sacramento Regional Affordable Housing Summit and Sacramento State’s Water and Fire: Impacts of Climate Change Conference.

Building and Strengthening Relationships

  • Engaged and supported the Alliance of Regional Collaboratives for Climate Adaptation (ARCCA), a network of leading regional collaborative from across California that work together to advance adaptation statewide and increase capacity to build community resilience. CRC Past Chair, Larry Greene, served as the Chair of ARCCA in 2016.
  • Created a new way for professional organizations and federal and state agencies to partner with us as we work to build resiliency in the capital region. Learn more about how to partner with us as a Channel Partner.
  • Almost doubled our membership in 2016, with 13 new members and 1 new channel partner joining the CRC. Learn more about joining us.
  • Met with key stakeholders to proactively fill our engagement gaps, share information about CRC, learn about other climate adaptation efforts in the region, and identify opportunities for collaboration. Let us know if you would like to meet with us.

Developing and Supporting Key Initiatives

  • Began working on an Urban Heat Island Initiative that CRC will pursue in 2017. Contact us to become part of this effort.
  • Worked with our ARCCA partners to submit comment letters on statewide efforts including the CEQA Guidelines Update, the SB 379 Safety Element Update of the General Plan Guidelines, the 2030 Scoping Plan Concept Paper and the Proposed Short-Lived Climate Pollutant Reduction Strategy. View the comment letters here.
  • Several CRC members completed projects that support regional resiliency work with CivicSpark, a Governor’s Initiative AmeriCorps Program managed by the Local Government Commission. Projects included supporting Cool Davis’ One Cool City campaign; supporting the Sacramento Air District’s Home Energy Conservation Program, the Low-Carbon Transportation and Idle Reduction Program, and the Food Waste to Fuel Program; and advancing the urban-rural connection around resource issues and climate change response.
  • Provided support letters and helped develop grant applications for a number of proposals that could increase resiliency in our region. Let us know if you are working on a grant proposal and would like support from the collaborative.
  • Supported, shared information about, and engaged in various activities occurring in the Region, including Sacramento County’s update to their Climate Action Plan and their Local Hazard Mitigation Plan.

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