Part of President Obama’s plan to assist local communities with climate planning, the Toolkit consolidates a wide range of resources and interactive tools from across federal agencies in one portal that’s designed to be user-friendly and accessible. Key features include:

  • Climate Explorer
    A research application offering interactive maps and graphs for climate data and projected climate impacts.
  • Tools
    A centralized portal for a range of federal tools and resources to analyze climate data, generalize visualizations, estimate hazards, and engage stakeholders. Examples include identifying neighborhoods likely to flood or showing how future drought conditions would affected regional crop growth.
  • Case studies
    Offers case studies of how local agencies and partnerships have used these tools, with best practices and lessons learned.
  • Training
    A hub for free courses offered online or in-person with a range of difficulty levels. Topics include understanding climate impacts on local extreme weather, introduction to downscaled data, and water resource planning.
  • Guide to regional and local experts
    Contact information for federal experts across all agencies in each region.

August 24, 2016

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