We invite you to learn about some of our past years’ accomplishments, and also encourage you to share your adaptation-related successes with us so we can celebrate our progress in building a resilient region.

Educating and Engaging the Region

an image of a large auditorium filled with people listening to a speaker who is off camera

  • Hosted a 3-day NOAA Adaptation Planning Training in August of 2015 in coordination with the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District and the NOAA Coastal Services Center. The course provided participants with a climate adaptation toolkit to proactively address adaptation-planning priorities in the context of local government priorities.
  • We held three regional meetings in 2015 that brought together issue experts and guest speakers with CRC members and other interested stakeholders. Each meeting was themed around a key regional issue: responding to climate impacts on our local health sector, working with the business community on regional resiliency, and regional and statewide drought response activities.
  • Participated in and presented at workshops and conferences including the National Adaptation Forum, the American Planning Association California Conference, the California Climate Action Planning Conference, the Climate Change Science Symposium, and the Resilient Regions Initiative Roundtables hosted by the Institute for Sustainable Communities.

Building and Strengthening Relationships

  • Almost tripled our membership in 2015, with seven new members joining the CRC.
  • Met with key stakeholders to proactively fill our engagement gaps, share information about the CRC, learn about other climate adaptation efforts in the region, and identify opportunities for collaboration.

Developing and Supporting Key Initiatives

  • Held focus groups with leaders in key regional sectors to understand how to address and frame climate change and climate resilience in terms of values and priorities important to the Capital Region. The results will help us engage local leaders and officials on this critical issue.
  • Submitted comment letters on statewide efforts including the Draft Cap-and-Trade Auction Proceeds Second Investment Plan. We also supported the development of ARCCA’s comments letters for the Draft General Plan Guidelines and the Safeguarding California Implementation Action Plans.
  • Several CRC members completed projects that support regional resiliency work with CivicSpark, a Governor’s Initiative AmeriCorps program managed by LGC.
  • In 2014, we conducted a needs assessment of local water agencies in the region to understand how they plan for and respond to climate impacts and identified critical knowledge gaps, uncertainties, and barriers to incorporating climate change into long-term planning.